Events Calendar

Semester 1

  • O'Week Welcome BBQ (22-26th Feb)
  • Get to know Insight (16th March)
  • Photo and Art Exhibition (31st March)
  • Cultural Communications (7th April)
  • Education Symposium (4th May)
  • Future callings (9th May) 
  • Birthing Kits Workshop (8th May) 

Semester 2

  • Re-O'week (27th July)
  • Development Fund event (31st July)
  • Amazing Raise (6th Aug) 
  • AMSA global Health Conference (26-30th Aug)
  • Quiz and Talent Night ( 2nd Sept)
  • Global Health short Course (11 Sept)
  • 6th Year Graduation Event (Sept) 
  • Insight AGM (October)


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